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Ellon and District Transport Club

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 Ellon and District Transport Club 


Welcome to Ellon & District Transport Club

Important Update - March 2011

Ellon and District Transport Club has achieved everything the team set out to do and has served the community well for almost twenty years. Much has changed during that time, not least the greater availability of suitable vehicles for private use and also the more general use of wheelchair compatible vehicles by private taxi operators.

This means the demand for the Transport Club taxi has been reducing over the years, to the point where it is becoming more difficult to provide and maintain a vehicle for the limited use there will be in the future.

With this in mind the committee decided to dissolve the Club in March 2011.

Ellon and District Transport Club was a charity run solely by volunteers

Ellon and District Transport Club

The aim of our charity was simple, to provide an independent and individual transport service for the disabled.

Our members' needs varied depending on their individual disability, from wheelchair to zimmer users, from those with learning difficulties to those requiring just a patient helping hand.

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